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Sitecore Symposium: My Take Away…and Memories!

The Symposium syndrome started a week before the Symposium. I had just finished a release and was working through typical post-go-live issues pulling really long hours. The typical state of panic when your PM knows that you will not be available for the next week – not to mention I shared the same panic…staying away from coding for a week??? God help me!

The day of departure –The flight took off on time and by NOON I was in Orlando at the Symposium! The big Symposium balloon welcomed me and many like me to the Symposium – a week of meeting with awesome Sitecorians from around the world, a week of announcements of “What is New?”, a week of learning and absorbing as much knowledge as I could – not to mention the excitement of meeting with the 18 #womenofsitecore MVPs. We were like a gang of happy!

So…here we go –

Inspiring moments…

Not Impossible LabsGuest key note speaker Mick Ebeling introduced the way technology should be used – to bring smiles and make the world a better place. From almost suicidal travels to Sudan to help kids to a 83 years old pianist playing the piano for the first time since he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s – the journey was full of goosebumps and a tear or two at the corner of eyes with a smile on my face. People like Mick make us believe in the humanity and the fact that in the current times, there is still GOOD in the world.

#MoveTheDial – It was an inspiring presentation by Judi Kovitz and the panel of inspiring women – Francine Anthony, Paige ONeill, Rose Manjarres, Julie Koepsell, Allison Abraham Simpkins. It is amazing when you bring together a group of successful, powerful and driven women. The stage and the narrative to overcome any obstacles was owned by these fabulous women and inspiring equally for men and women. I am sure the proud men who were present in the session would agree fully.

The #womenofsitecore MVP Panel – This was my personal moment of pride and sense of how far I have come and how much I have accomplished…and how much more it yet to be done. It was truly great to meet all the 19 awesome women MVPs. We were all honored to have Paige ONeill as the moderator for our panel. Kudos to Sitecore for organizing and including the inspiring and much needed events supporting women.

The Buzzwords buzzing around…and some pictures to go with it…

Headless CMS (Revolution) – Zenith

Zenith is all you need to distribute and manage content in a Headless fashion. It was announced at the last Symposium and with Sitecore 9.1 sits at the center of Headless CMS revolution.


Sitecore JavaScript Services will be part of the platform and generally available with Sitecore 9.1. – and it will be open source.


There is lot to learn and process before I can say more about Cortex. But here is what I think of this cool Sitecore component – The product has to have a pulse and be able to connect with customer – with Machine Learning aspects of it, Cortex helps with accomplishing just that.


As much as I am excited about Horizon – I am also bummed by the fact that it won’t be available in Sitecore 9.1. I shall wait patiently for the seamless experience for content editing especially for field editor. Horizon aspires to be the tool that helps content authors to focus on creating experiences instead of worrying about content items. It runs on Sitecore Host and uses message bus to help you work with content.

The motto of Horizon – The editing tool has to be equally alive as the final product.

One word for Horizon: SLEEK!

Universal Tracker

Focused on engagement analytics for mobile – online and offline – the Universal Tracker is the new analytics/tracking service shipping with Sitecore 9.1. The clear message is : “If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished.”

Sitecore Omni Theme – all the coolness!

.NET Core

As the first slide of the presentation read – “Sitecore is on a journey from Monolith to NET Core based Service Architecture.”

We have already seen the start of it with the Publishing Service and Commerce services with Experience Commerce. The journey towards .NET Core continues and brings the concept of Sitecore Host – a light weight layer to hold the plugins/services components.

Experience Commerce – My personal favorite of all things Sitecore!

There were some cool Experience Commerce sessions that got to attend. While Dan Solovay and Kelly Brennan brought answers to some my core questions with their super informative sessions, Ishraq Fataftah brought an excellent overview of Omni Channel and Retail concepts.

Rob Earlam presented a great session on 7 common commerce extensions. If you are not already subscribed to Master Sitecore you must. Rob posts excellent videos about all things Experience Commerce.

Ryan Donovan brought the future of Experience Commerce – an exciting road I cannot wait to walk on!

And finally….Drum Rolls for Sitecore 9.1 that is released with all cool things mentioned above!!! More in detail in a later post once I get a chance to play with it firsthand!

P.S. It was great to see Jake yet another year! Symposium would be incomplete without his intelligent spontaneous humor!

Memories to cherish…

The Sitecore Symposium is now over and done, but I will always remember this one just the way I remember the very first “DreamCore” I attended back in the day. DreamCore was my first ever Sitecore conference I had attended. The Symposium 2018 was my very first one as a Sitecore MVP. I walked down those rows with pride to take a sit in the front. But there was another reason for the pride too – I was one of the very few #womenofsitecore MVP to walk down to front rows. All the other super-women of Sitecore that I met at the Symposium kept on adding to that pride…and in that moment I realized that I had to do more, that I could do more – to help others. And that is my biggest take away from this year’s Symposium – The Pride of being a woman, and a Sitecore MVP, and a promise to do more to help others.

The memories I will cherish…

#womenofsitecore MVP Panel

#MoveTheDial movement and the inspiring words of the inspiring women.

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