My 2 Cents on upgrading Sitecore

Complexity translates to FUN for me. More complex the challenge…more the FUN! And with every challenge completed there is so much learning. I recently upgraded a quite complex Sitecore solution from 8.x to 8.2 (Update 2). Now, 8.2 has more to offer than previous 8.x versions – that comparison, some other day. I am sharing […]

FUN with Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 Part 6: FINAL BITS!!!

It has been a great experience and tons of FUN working with Sitecore all these years!!! I started with Sitecore version 5.3…and love this platform more every day!!! J This is the final part of my Sitecore Commerce FUN series. (For now that is…J) Here are the instructions for the final bits – In […]